Screen Capture Software Screenium Review


Screenium - Synium Software GmbHScreencasts are the most effective way of explaining how to work on a Mac to friends, relatives, colleagues or customers. Screenium will help you demonstrate a workflow by making capturing it easy. Start the recording and forget about it while you concentrate on what you do best — equipping your viewers with knowledge.

Screenium 2 offers a choice of four capture modes: capture the entire screen, a single window, a freely selectable area on your screen or have an area follow your mouse pointer.
Screenium 2 also introduces a completely new and built-in video editor. Now it is also pos

sible to create stunning compositions of your captured videos directly in Screenium 2.
Whether it is cutting, adding transitions, organizing your screencast with chapter marks, or adding effects and animated forms and text, Screenium 2 offers all the features you need to create sophisticated screencasts.

■ Cut and edit you video directly in Screenium 2
■ Organize your video with chapter marks
■ Emphasize you mouse clicks or focus on the menu you were working in by adding zoom effects in the video editor
■ Animate text and shapes in the video editor to hide sensitive information or to highlight menu entries
■ Customize cross fade animations and brush up you screencast with special effects
■ Edit audio and add audio filters to improve sound quality
■ Have Screenium hide your d

esktop wallpaper and icons during capture.
■ Record everything you hear from your Mac’s speakers along with the video.
■ Connect a microphone or use your Mac’s integrated mic to record your voice.
■ Integrate a video from any QuickTime-compatible webcam or from your Mac’s integrated iSight.
■ Have your mouse pointer and your clicks stand out with the included mouse visualization.
■ Control main features with freely assignable keyboard shortcuts.
■ Export your captured videos into any QuickTime format available on your Mac.

A comprehensive user guide as well as an ever growing number of Q&As and videos delivering tips and tricks will make your first steps in podcast production so much easier. Start recording your first vide

os today — with Screenium 2.

User Reviews:

“Fantastic app. I tried every app I could find to seemlessly and flawlessly record full screen from my second monitor, with sound, to an external drive”

“An absolutely great app, thoroughly impressed with it. Very easy to use with some very good features. It records up to 60fps with EXTREMELY high quality”

“It’s faster than most and you can’t beat the price. The video is top notch and the audio works flawlessly”




What’s New in Version 2.1

Added option to record voice overs in the editor
Added option to record compressed video
Added option to record without Screenium’s icon in the Dock (unless Screenium was “kept in Dock”) so no visible reference to the recording software is visible
Audio tracks can be marked as belonging to a specific language, allowing for multi-lingual videosAdded “Generated speech” tracks, Screenium can automatically generate speech from text to use in single- or multi-lingual videos (Languages other than English require Mac OS X Lion 10.7 for realistic sounding speech synthesis)
New smart zoom feature to zoom the focused window separate of the rest of the video
Added transition via white
Added chroma key filter
Text objects can now be scaled
Image objects now draw thumbnails in the sequencer
Custom editable aspect ratios for fixed area recording and mouse area recording
Objects can now be s

caled by keeping their center when holding down the command key
Animations can now be edited in order to create often used custom animations with as many steps as desired in order to always have them available
Smart Zooming to focused window now uses ease in/out animations to change the zoom
Vastly improved Audio export when exporting compositions
Direct YouTube upload treats audio in a way YouTube handles correctly
When creating new compositions, the canvas now always gets sized correctly
Double clicking onto a text object now selects the content of its text field in the inspector
Export progress

is now being shown in Screenium’s dock icon
Added option to directly go to Screenium’s support site
Support for Lion’s fullscreen mode
Many other bug fixes, stability enhancements and improvements
Screenium - Synium Software GmbH